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ASI designs and manufactures custom drying and curing systems including flotation dryers, roll-support dryers, IR dryers, combination hot air-IR dryers, inert dryers, impingement or nozzle dryers and air turns. Dryers "big and small" in the converting and graphic arts industries serve a wide variety of product applications including coated films, pressure sensitive adhesives, filter media, flexible packaging materials, laminates, and "clean room" products for food and medical use.

Since incorporation in 1986, ASI has been well-known for its development of cost-effective, durable and high-efficiency dryer designs that range from standard single-side coating dryers to designs for the most sophisticated optical quality films, multi-layered coatings, and heat or tension-sensitive substrates. Along the way, these efforts have resulted in the design of over two dozen air bar, air foil, nozzle and hole bar designs, and the granting of over twenty U.S. patents. ASI has the product knowledge and process expertise to provide clients with innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions for the full range of graphic arts and converting applications.

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